Pimped-Out King Riding a Big Wheel with a Skull Hot Air Balloon

This is a Jeremy Fish illustration that I put on my good friend, Dustin. I definitely had a good time doing this tattoo. I enjoy doing large tattoos on the thigh. Its the perfect canvas. We will be doing another Jeremy Fish design on the other leg. I can't wait.
If you do not know who Jeremy Fish is, I suggest you look him up and bow down to his greatness.
Thanks again, Dustin.
All that pain is worth it after all.

Dragon on James

Thank you James. This is a 3/4 dragon sleeve that we started last winter. We colored in all the scales at Timeless Tattoo just a couple weeks ago, and he just sent me this picture. James lives in London, so I can't work on him often. One more session to finish, I promise.


An hourglass tattoo that I did at Timeless Tattoo in Glasgow. I did this tattoo on the last day of my guest spot there. Thank you, Delboy.
Thank you to every body at Timeless Tattoo and all my customers: Roddy, Laura, Kelly, James, Patricia and Jeff .
I had an amazing time and felt very welcome. I can't wait to go back and finish up all those big pieces that I started while I was there.

The Leaves Are Changing

The wind carries the cold air in to wash out the stagnate air of the hot summer. Change is coming on all levels. New decisions to be made to keep growing in this large world that is constantly changing. Its easy to get stuck in our daily routine and ignore our natural instinct to move on to better water.

I am throwing a huge wrench in the program. I'm leaving this small mountain town and moving to San Francisco. My heart and mind truly belong in the big city. Lake Tahoe is one of the most pure and beautiful places I've ever been, considering the old gray city that I grew up in. The people that live here love it here and wouldn't give it up for anything (except moving to Reno to pay less for rent). I'm not one to bitch about my current situation, and I always make the best of my life no matter what. But I hate living in Tahoe, always have! Just can't have that burden on my mind anymore.

I would like to apologize to all the great customers that I have and to Lucky 7 Tattoo for leaving, but this change is for me. I will still be tattooing in the future, and I will post where I'm working. I will start looking for a job in November, so bare with me. I would like to finish every tattoo that I started.

In the past seven years of my life I have grown and changed in many ways. I've done a couple thousand tattoos, played in several different bands, met a lot of friends, endured many injuries and acquired new debt.

In my next step in life, I will be doing less tattoos, playing music that isn't as aggressive, getting healthier, stronger and paying off that debt.

I'm going backpacking in Ireland and the UK for a couple weeks to clear my mind before the next step. I promised myself that I would go to Europe before I turned thirty. I've been saving for this trip for six months, and I'm making it there one day short of my 30th birthday. I figure the old world will be a good motivator for my new world.

I will post a lot of pictures of my trip to share my adventure.


Guest Spot in Scotland

I will be tattooing at Timeless Tattoo in Glasgow Scotland October 9th - 13th.

Be About Your Shit

Grenade tattoo on a great customer from the bay...

Fly Fishing Tattoos

It's a fish eat bug kinda world!
I have some great customers that love their fishing. They are all bug crazy. Thank you!!!

Big Buisness

Tomorrow at the Bottom of the Hill!!!!!!

Chico CA

I will be doing some tattoos in Chico at Eye of Jade Tattoo on the 19th & 20th of May.

Skull & Fetus

Part of a Tool inspired half sleeve. This tattoo is still in progress. We will be adding more detail and color to this skull and fetus. There will also be a skull on the other side of the arm as well as more eyes and weird stuff on the rest of the arm. It should turn out to be a very interesting and detailed piece. Thank you, Tony. See you soon!!!


Doesn't matter how many I do, I still love them if they're big enough! This tattoo is on a great costumer from Texas. She just reads a book the whole time. Thank you!!!

Day of the Dead Skull

This picture was taken after the second session. We still have more background to go and a whole lot of color. Thank you, Carly. You sit great. Some people do get good tattoos in Lake Tahoe.

Maple Leaves

Half sleeve of maple leaves and clouds. I had an art directer on this one.


Sailor Jerry swallows done at the Body Art Expo in San Fransisco.

Tear it down. Build it again.

Step 1: The line work. We've got a long way to go. This should make for a really bright piece when we're finished. Thank you, Austin.


An addition to Doli's octopus sleeve. We did this peony the first night of the Body Art Expo in San Fransisco. He definitely hated this session, but he was able to sleep in his own bed afterwards (as opposed to some random couch in Tahoe). Thank you, Doli. Come back for some more.


This tattoo is on a very good costumer that lives in Texas, so I don't see her often. She sits like a champ. We did all these lilies in one session, and then she had me recolor the kanji and cherry blossoms a week later. I didn't originally do the cherry blossoms, but I will do more. This tattoo is in progress. I have already added another big lily, and I will be adding more detail, more flowers and background. Thank you.


Both of these tattoos are cover -ups and in the process of being completed. More contrast and color will be added so that the old tattoos will hardly be seen. There is always compromise when it comes to cover-ups. It works best when the new tattoo is considerably bigger and full color. I hate doing cover-ups, but I love the challenge and the costumer is pretty excited when that old tattoo is gone.

56 Bel air

This was fun. Part of a gear head half sleeve including skulls, wrenches, a spark plug and a piston. The skin looks angry in this picture, and we will do a little more work to it.

Twisted Tree

Big tree on a great customer from Roseville. We did this tattoo in 3 sessions. I just drew it on. He sits pretty well for the amount of bitching he does. Thank you.

Blue Bird

A Sailor Jerry design for her first tattoo. I can't take a picture of the whole tattoo because of the weird placement.
This was very fun, thank you.


Doing a guest spot at Eye of Jade in Chico, Ca today and tomorrow.
Thank you, Dustin and Chris.

Skulls & Birds

Tattoo on Barrett. He's wearing sexy shorts.


Pair of gloves for my friend Casey.


Phoenix tattoo I did two years ago. This is a good healed picture that I got when he came in for a new tattoo. I would like to do more with the background.

Lake Tahoe Winter Sleeve

Evil snowman on Jake. We are working it into a full sleeve. You can see it in person at Mama Saki in Squaw Valley.

Red Tail Boa

Tattoo on Bo. We have a couple more sessions left. It's a big snake!


That's me doing some kinda tattoo that's too small and detailed.

Skull on Neck

Design from Immaculate Tattoo Flash Book. Skull with waves and cherry blossoms on Russell's neck.

Never Forget

Tattoo for my friend, Kyle.

Long Day at the Office

It's rather bright out tonight. There's a full moon in Tahoe, I think.
I tattooed a 56 Bel-Air (part of a hot rod sleeve) and a hot air balloon (part of a Wizard of Oz sleeve) today. Will have pictures soon.

Before and After

Another day in paradise. Cover- up/redo on Ben. He's originally from Lake Tahoe. He lives in Seattle now. Gets a tattoo every time he comes home. Family is always your family, but girls will come and go. He likes to learn his lessons the hard way. Thanks, Ben.

Thursday in the Mountains

Good evening, Lake Tahoe! Slow day at the shop. Only one tattoo today. Kinda felt good. Got caught up on some drawing assignments. Booked up for the rest of the week. I have a lot of big pieces coming in. Post pictures soon.

I Shall Die of Having Lived

Fun tattoo I did last week at Lucky 7 tattoo

Octopus Sleeve

Finally started Doli's other arm. Octopus creeping up on sexy lady. Of course she's smoking. Peonies, snails and stormy night to come. Don't be afraid of those snowy roads, Doli Lee.


Peacock on Kate. This picture does this tattoo no justice. More to come. We are going to put a fan on the other side of the Eiffel Tower. And then some background :) Thank you, Kate.