Doing a guest spot at Eye of Jade in Chico, Ca today and tomorrow.
Thank you, Dustin and Chris.

Skulls & Birds

Tattoo on Barrett. He's wearing sexy shorts.


Pair of gloves for my friend Casey.


Phoenix tattoo I did two years ago. This is a good healed picture that I got when he came in for a new tattoo. I would like to do more with the background.

Lake Tahoe Winter Sleeve

Evil snowman on Jake. We are working it into a full sleeve. You can see it in person at Mama Saki in Squaw Valley.

Red Tail Boa

Tattoo on Bo. We have a couple more sessions left. It's a big snake!


That's me doing some kinda tattoo that's too small and detailed.

Skull on Neck

Design from Immaculate Tattoo Flash Book. Skull with waves and cherry blossoms on Russell's neck.

Never Forget

Tattoo for my friend, Kyle.

Long Day at the Office

It's rather bright out tonight. There's a full moon in Tahoe, I think.
I tattooed a 56 Bel-Air (part of a hot rod sleeve) and a hot air balloon (part of a Wizard of Oz sleeve) today. Will have pictures soon.

Before and After

Another day in paradise. Cover- up/redo on Ben. He's originally from Lake Tahoe. He lives in Seattle now. Gets a tattoo every time he comes home. Family is always your family, but girls will come and go. He likes to learn his lessons the hard way. Thanks, Ben.

Thursday in the Mountains

Good evening, Lake Tahoe! Slow day at the shop. Only one tattoo today. Kinda felt good. Got caught up on some drawing assignments. Booked up for the rest of the week. I have a lot of big pieces coming in. Post pictures soon.

I Shall Die of Having Lived

Fun tattoo I did last week at Lucky 7 tattoo

Octopus Sleeve

Finally started Doli's other arm. Octopus creeping up on sexy lady. Of course she's smoking. Peonies, snails and stormy night to come. Don't be afraid of those snowy roads, Doli Lee.


Peacock on Kate. This picture does this tattoo no justice. More to come. We are going to put a fan on the other side of the Eiffel Tower. And then some background :) Thank you, Kate.