This tattoo is on a very good costumer that lives in Texas, so I don't see her often. She sits like a champ. We did all these lilies in one session, and then she had me recolor the kanji and cherry blossoms a week later. I didn't originally do the cherry blossoms, but I will do more. This tattoo is in progress. I have already added another big lily, and I will be adding more detail, more flowers and background. Thank you.


Both of these tattoos are cover -ups and in the process of being completed. More contrast and color will be added so that the old tattoos will hardly be seen. There is always compromise when it comes to cover-ups. It works best when the new tattoo is considerably bigger and full color. I hate doing cover-ups, but I love the challenge and the costumer is pretty excited when that old tattoo is gone.

56 Bel air

This was fun. Part of a gear head half sleeve including skulls, wrenches, a spark plug and a piston. The skin looks angry in this picture, and we will do a little more work to it.

Twisted Tree

Big tree on a great customer from Roseville. We did this tattoo in 3 sessions. I just drew it on. He sits pretty well for the amount of bitching he does. Thank you.

Blue Bird

A Sailor Jerry design for her first tattoo. I can't take a picture of the whole tattoo because of the weird placement.
This was very fun, thank you.