Day of the Dead Skull

This picture was taken after the second session. We still have more background to go and a whole lot of color. Thank you, Carly. You sit great. Some people do get good tattoos in Lake Tahoe.

Maple Leaves

Half sleeve of maple leaves and clouds. I had an art directer on this one.


Sailor Jerry swallows done at the Body Art Expo in San Fransisco.

Tear it down. Build it again.

Step 1: The line work. We've got a long way to go. This should make for a really bright piece when we're finished. Thank you, Austin.


An addition to Doli's octopus sleeve. We did this peony the first night of the Body Art Expo in San Fransisco. He definitely hated this session, but he was able to sleep in his own bed afterwards (as opposed to some random couch in Tahoe). Thank you, Doli. Come back for some more.