The Leaves Are Changing

The wind carries the cold air in to wash out the stagnate air of the hot summer. Change is coming on all levels. New decisions to be made to keep growing in this large world that is constantly changing. Its easy to get stuck in our daily routine and ignore our natural instinct to move on to better water.

I am throwing a huge wrench in the program. I'm leaving this small mountain town and moving to San Francisco. My heart and mind truly belong in the big city. Lake Tahoe is one of the most pure and beautiful places I've ever been, considering the old gray city that I grew up in. The people that live here love it here and wouldn't give it up for anything (except moving to Reno to pay less for rent). I'm not one to bitch about my current situation, and I always make the best of my life no matter what. But I hate living in Tahoe, always have! Just can't have that burden on my mind anymore.

I would like to apologize to all the great customers that I have and to Lucky 7 Tattoo for leaving, but this change is for me. I will still be tattooing in the future, and I will post where I'm working. I will start looking for a job in November, so bare with me. I would like to finish every tattoo that I started.

In the past seven years of my life I have grown and changed in many ways. I've done a couple thousand tattoos, played in several different bands, met a lot of friends, endured many injuries and acquired new debt.

In my next step in life, I will be doing less tattoos, playing music that isn't as aggressive, getting healthier, stronger and paying off that debt.

I'm going backpacking in Ireland and the UK for a couple weeks to clear my mind before the next step. I promised myself that I would go to Europe before I turned thirty. I've been saving for this trip for six months, and I'm making it there one day short of my 30th birthday. I figure the old world will be a good motivator for my new world.

I will post a lot of pictures of my trip to share my adventure.